Memory Lane Closing


While the nation focuses on the federal government taking control over areas of our lives way beyond the powers provided for by the U.S. Constitution, the City of Guymon is quietly planning to close Memory Lane.

According to a press release from the city of Guymon, on Wednesday, Oct. 27, the City of Guymon will be closing off Memory Lane from Highway 54 east to Hurliman Road to replace and repair the concrete and asphalt in that area. Lloyd Boles, Streets Director for the City of Guymon, has been busy notifying businesses in that area about the project.  Boles and his crew will be setting out road blocks and detour signs in the area before Behne Construction starts the project on Wednesday.

Local traffic that needs to go east on Memory Lane will be rerouted to Jerry Street northeast of Memory Lane on Highway 54 to Patricia Drive and then back south to Memory Lane to go east. Hurliman will remain open off Highway 54 and Hwy 3 for regular traffic, only local traffic from residents living in that area or funeral processions will be allowed down Memory Lane in between Patricia and Hurliman. Access to the truck stop, restaurant and motel will only be available from the Highway 54 entrances.

“We realize this will be an inconvenience for the customers of these businesses and homeowners east of this project area. However, this intersection east and onto Memory Lane is getting very rough due to high traffic and in need of replacement and repair in order to make it easier on customers and residents utilizing it,” said Ivan Clark, Public Works Director for the City.

What is this world coming to when here in sleepy little Guymon USA the local government is allowed to close Memory Lane?

The City says Memory Lane needs these improvements. I say you cannot and should not reroute Memory Lane, and what our City is trying to do is revisionism of the worst kind.

Call your City Fathers today, and tell them to stop the Memory Lane reconstructionism.

Paid for by: The Committee to Prevent Short-term Loss of Memory Lane.


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