Summer Time Ends


I never thought I would be jealous of the British, but this morning as I am making coffee in the dark, I am.

Those lucky Brits all got to sleep in this morning. “Why?” Today marks the end of British Summer Time; that’s why. You must be thinking, “Didn’t summer end in mid September?” It is true that the good old autumnal equinox falls in the latter half of September, and that is when we westerners consider that summer ends. However, those limeys are apparently not beholden to all that scientific mumbo-jumbo, so for them, Summer Time ends today.

We westerners tend to go for feel-good terminology like the phrase Daylight Savings Time. But let me ask you something, “Do we really save daylight?”

I see similarities between the inference of saving daylight during Daylight Savings Time, and the current misleading political reference to extending tax-cuts. Politicians talk about the tax-cut extension, often failing to point out that tax-cuts are not even a consideration. So the phrase, not extending tax-cuts is really just a euphemism for raising taxes. Moreover, in an apparent attempt to make these so-called tax-cuts evil and unworthy of extension, they are labeled the “Bush era” tax-cuts. After all, who wants to extend Bush?

It is too bad that the nasty “Bush era” Energy Policy Act of 2005, which extended Daylight Savings Time though the first Sunday of November, was not set to expire this year too. I guess I will just have to wait another week to get my extra hour of sleep this fall.

Yawning, I pour myself another cup of coffee.

You know it sounds crazy, but I have actually heard people say that, during Daylight Savings Time, you get an extra hour of daylight. If someone says this, do not even try to reason with them. I have also heard it said that not raising taxes is the same as giving a tax break. Do not believe that either. These people are not rational, likely believe in collective salvation, and think there are 57 States (not counting solid, liquid, or gas).

And while I’m on the subject of the South Side of Chicago …

Even Jim Croce knew you could not save Time in a Bottle, and as we all should know, You Don’t Mess Around with Jim.


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