Sheriff’s Log


Every once in a while, a Sheriff’s Log will pop up on my Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reading list from one of the small-town newspapers that I subscribe to. Sometimes a little humorous, these police logs almost always include high-drama episodes such as the cows are out, someone is playing loud music, someone is sleeping in their car playing loud music, dogs are barking, someone is shooting at dogs, suspicious vehicles, speeding, weaving, driving erratically, and the usual car horn alarm going off.

This morning, one such feed hit my reader and also hit my funny bone.

Sheriff’s Log

October 4

Report of possible threatening gestures at local business.   Deputy responded  Case under investigation.

October 6

Report of concern over party driving a “scooter chair” in the middle of the street.  Reporting party indicated the scooter was hard to see and the person could be hit.  Deputy talked with the operator of the vehicle.  Request for welfare check to be done on individual.  Party located and everything was fine.

All’s well that ends well, when “everything is fine.” Happy Thanksgiving!


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