The lady from my eye doctor’s office called me at work on Monday to tell me my trifocals came in. I hurried to my vehicle and drove straight there to pick them up right away. I have not worn eyeglasses before, so this was a new experience for me. After properly adjusting and fitting the frames to my perfectly dimensional face, the lady gave me a few instructions on the proper care of my eyeglasses. I received my “free” eyeglass case and complementary cleaning cloth and was on my way. Whew-whoo!

I have learned a lot since wearing eyeglasses these last few days. Probably learned things that those who have worn glasses for years already know about, but this is all new information for me. Here are 10 things I have learned so far, in no particular order:

  1. I had no idea how much I was NOT seeing.
  2. I paid my bill. It turns out the complementary cleaning cloth was NOT free.
  3. My nose in NOT perfectly centered between my eyeballs.
  4. Either my right ear is lower than my left ear, or my right eye is higher than my left eye, or both.
  5. Right angles are not 90° when viewed through corrective lenses. 90° is just an average in this scenario.
  6. The focal point for any object that I wish to see clearly is not equal to any of the three focal points for which my trifocals were prescribed.
  7. When eye muscles wear out, neck muscles are probably not far behind.
  8. My eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and forehead are not symmetrical, not even close. If I were ever to lose my job, the old saying, “heads will roll” does not apply to me. My head would never roll, not even on a steep slope. It’s too out of balance.
  9. My headaches have nearly gone away in just three short days, so I hate to take my glasses off, ever.
  10. When it rained yesterday, I would have been better off without having left my glasses on.

When I asked my eldest daughter what she thought of my new glasses, she told me they make me look smarter. I am not sure if she was implying anything about the way I looked before I wore glasses, but I will take “smarter” as a complement any day.

Live and learn.


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    • It certainly has not been easy getting used to the trifocals. Mine are the kind without lines, which makes it a little easier to get used to, but still I get tiring by the end of each day. As long as my headaches do not return, it will all be well worth the effort. Thanks for commentating on my blog.

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