Christmas Letter Tips


I have wanted to write a Christmas Letter for years, no, decades. In some years past, I have actually started writing the letter, in other years, “It’s the thought that counts.” A few times, I came so close to getting the letter completed that I converted it over to a New Year’s Letter right at the last-minute. Unfortunately, I never did finish any of the New Year’s Letters either.

However, this year we had our Christmas tree set up early (last week) and I was in pretty decent shape on my Christmas shopping list (we decided to go slack this year). So on Sunday, I sat down to hammer out my first ever Tom Dye Family Annual Christmas Letter.

To any doubters in the crowd, note that I named my letter the Annual Christmas Letter. Not bi-annual, not tri-annual, not lustrum, and certainly not decadal. Just to be clear, it’s an Annual Christmas letter, and I finished it up last night! Whoodeedoodee!

My wife still has to write the address on all the envelopes and put them in the mail, but I have done my part. She told me this evening that she thinks most people are probably too busy to read Christmas Letter’s right before Christmas anyway, so she is thinking of waiting until the week between Christmas and New Year’s to actually mail them.

Before starting to write said letter, I did a little research, so I could pen the best letter ever. I really wanted it to be the best Christmas Letter I had ever written, even though I’d never actually written one before. I know you are all beginning to wonder if “eggnog” is one word or two, but just stick with me on this for another moment, I’m almost there. So anyway, I read a quick 5-step guide on how to write a proper Christmas Letter. I didn’t necessarily agree with all the points, nor follow them to the tee, but I thought the tips were worthy of sharing.

  1. Keep it short and focused. – This one got me to thinking, so I decided not to include a crossword puzzle at the end of my three page, 9.5 font, single spaced, 1500 word Christmas letter. There’s always next year!
  2. Don’t exaggerate. – Is writing about your court ordered community service and restitution as, “serving the community by giving back,” really exaggerating?
  3. Avoid unnecessary adjectives. – If I honestly want to write an amazingly brilliant thoroughly fascinating incredibly fabulous sensational Tom Dye Family Annual Christmas Letter, then I’d better not follow this one.
  4. Don’t brag. – Oops.
  5. Be yourself. – If I were myself, I would not actually be writing a Christmas letter, now would I? Hello? Remember me? I’m the guy who has never written a Christmas Letter before in his life.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas! Happy writing!


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