Jingoat Bells


A few years ago, my oldest son bought me a goat for Christmas, but there were a few stipulations that came with it. I did not have to feed it, milk it, or clean up after it. Wow, this was my kind of goat! Plus, for a guy who already has everything I want, what better gift than a goat? My son, knowing his dad would not really want to take care of the goat, had it sent to some poor needy family in a third world country. They would take good care of it and could probably really use a goat more than I could.

But I’ll be honest with you, I was a little disappointed. Sure, it made me feel good that some impoverished family from the third world would receive a life-changing gift, but I felt a little slighted not actually receiving a little something just for me, something that I could enjoy.

Now my mother has jumped on the bandwagon too and gives the gift of livestock for Christmas. However, my mother, as mother’s often do, also sent a special gift just for me to enjoy. She sent me a goat video.

Having watched the video until I was tired of the Jingle Goats, I too decided to give the gift of livestock to someone who has everything. If you want to pass it on too, go to Heifer International at www.heifer.org and pass on a gift that keeps on giving.


Disclaimer: Giggle with the Goats and Heifer International are not affiliated with each other in any way that I know of, other than both having something to do with goats. I am not affiliated with either.


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