Nowata-31, Pryor-28


Although this blog headline might sound like it, Nowata did not actually beat Pryor in some sporting event by the score of -31 to -28. These numbers are rather, the record low temperatures in Oklahoma this morning which shattered the Oklahoma Territory all-time record low of -27 first recorded over 100 years ago on February 13, 1905 in Vinita. Wow! That occurred before Oklahoma was even a state. It has only gotten down to 27 below in Oklahoma twice since: once in Watts on January 18, 1930 and then again yesterday, February 9, 2011, in Bartlesville.

You have to feel a little sorry for the poor folks in Pryor. To put up with temperatures colder than ever recorded in Oklahoma Territory history and not even end up setting a state record. At least Bartlesville enjoyed its place of dubious honor while being tied with the state record for one whole day. I should mention that Bartlesville got down to 28 below this morning too, besting there own record from yesterday.

What is going on with all this cold weather? Where is Al Gore when we need him to fly his high carbon emission private jet in the skies above Oklahoma? Here is a note to Al Gore: we WANT global warming!!! Just a little, please!?!

But wait, according to United States Senator James Mountain “Jim” Inhofe of the Great State of Oklahoma, the global warming theory is just a hoax anyway. Given the record cold temperatures lately, I tend to agree with him.

In this morning’s The Oklahoman, there was a page 5 headline reading, “Inhofe argues against warming theory.” That’s right, and Sen. Jim Inhofe has finally finished writing a book that he called “Hoax” in reference to his description of the global warming theory. The story in The Oklahoman by Chris Casteel went on to say –

“You’ll be the first to receive an autographed copy,” Infofe, R-Tulsa, told California Rep. Henry Waxman on Wednesday at a House subcommittee hearing on whether the Environmental Protection Agency should be able to regulate greenhouse gases.

Inhofe 1, Waxman 0.

You certainly do have to appreciate a Senator with a good sense of humor. I am proud he is representing Oklahomans, although a little global warming would be kind of nice, right about now.


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