Suite Rates


It doesn’t get much better than this…

Special Rooms at an extra Special Rate; free.

Saw this today and it hit my funny bone.

I thought about stopping into the Days Inn & Suites Sweets in Guymon, Oklahoma, to see if they had any of these 1 person rooms left at the low, low special price of $.00 +tax.

“Forget about that AARP discount. No thanks! I’ll skip the AAA discount too. Free high-speed internet? Free indoor pool, spa, continental breakfast? Don’t care! Just give me that SPECIAL ALL ROOMS 1 PERSON rate. Thanks for asking anyway.”


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    • Apparently, this “special” promotion must be working out for them since their marquee has shown this same “price” for quite a while now. It’s a wonder Guymon’s not overrun with tourists at these rates.

  1. Well, they’re gonna be now. I haven’t seen my cousins down that way for a good two decades so I’m headed down there. Thanks for posting this, Tom. I’ll be sure to tell them you referred me once I get there.

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