Here’s Your Sign Award


A truck driver couldn’t quite get stopped soon enough and took out the crossing-gate at my workplace the other day. Until a new crossing-arm is installed, the security guard decided to find a better way to stop the traffic. So, duh, he installed a better “STOP” sign.

With immense ingenuity and masterful use of duct-tape, this security guard delivered  the driver his own version of the “Here’s Your Sign Award.” Who needs Bill Engvall?

Obviously the old sign was just too hard to understand.


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  1. Great post! This is hilarious, it would be awesome if you could do this on a weekly basis. Trust me, there ARE enough stupid people out there!

    • Keep it simple? I stopped by to see the now-famous-SIGN at lunch time today. The guards proudly pointed out that since this “STOP” sign is not made of reflective signage materials, they had added lights so that drivers could see the sign after dark. Upon further observation, I realized they had added a sting of battery powered Christmas lights.

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