The Secret of Lucianne Dove


The Secret of Lucianne Dove
The Secret of Lucianne Dove by Roberta L. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Secret of Lucianne Dove has everything I enjoy in a book: Mystery, history, time-travel, and more. I loved it! It was amazing!

He’d been having dreams again. The sort that woke him up because they were so vivid. When they were that vivid they usually meant something.

So when newspaper reporter Mickey McCoy and his flippant sidekick photographer Freddie Green are sent on an overnight trip to Virginia City to cover the International Camel and Ostrich races, they uncover far more than just the fluff piece they were assigned.

Her face was delicate and sensuous. When she turned and looked at him, he didn’t look away. He stared into her eyes—those strange, enchanting eyes, the color of Comstock gold. Nobody had eyes like Lucianne.

Was veteran reporter Mickey McCoy only looking for the story that would tell him why he became a reporter in the first place? That story that would make him famous? Or will Mickey McCoy discover the haunting secret of Lucianne Dove, before it’s too late?

But that was the thing about life. It didn’t always give you the chance to do things differently. There weren’t a lot of dress rehearsals.

The author, Roberta Smith, hits the Comstock Lode, the Ophir vein, with this haunting tale that is sure to have you paying attention to your own dreams and those so-called coincidences.

Dare to hope.

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