If you are from my generation, the David Bowie song “Changes” may come to mind when you think of ch-ch-changes. Those from a younger generation may be more familiar with the version of the song as performed in Shrek 2.

Of course, there have been countless songs written about the subject of change over the years. I went to and typed in the word “changes” and came up with many different songs under several different genres.

And why not? Life is full of changes. Big changes, small changes. I’ve made a “big” change myself recently. Did you notice?

I changed the look and design of my blog page this week. Do you like it? Let me know what you think.

Back to the subject of music. Here’s a fun song about change:

Ohhh change is gonna do me good


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  1. I got your message through Book Blogs and being rather new I hadn’t seen your blog yet, so I don’t know how it used to be like. But I like how it looks now! It’s easy to read and the colours don’t hurt the readers’ eyes.

    • Hellen, thanks so much for stopping by my ch-ch-changed blog site. I’m quite pleased that you like the colours. I spent quite a bit of time tweeking the color comibinations to give my readers a pleasent visual experience. So glad you noticed!

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