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To all my faithful readers, assuming I have any left, I apologize for not writing in my blog for so long. I have been in the process of moving my office space from my den to my bedroom and have just not had a single minute of free time.

But now that Granny is off the sofa-sleeper in the living room and into her new bed in my den, I hope to get back to a more normal existence. Yes, there will always be a certain amount of honey-dos to keep me away from blogging, but I should be much more reliable now that I have completed the big move.

Plus, I have accumulated all kinds of valuable information about putting together furniture-in-a-box kits, setting up wireless-computer-networks, and putting up with mother-in-laws.

I can hardly wait to tell you all about it.

Can you hear me now?


About a year ago, Verizon bought out Alltel in my market area. I was very excited about the change because Verizon offered a Smartphone I had wanted that was not available from Alltel. Shortly after the cell provider switch, everyone in the family had to get a new cell phone. A year later I am still thrilled with my new phone, and except for some weak coverage areas on campus where the kids go to school, everyone is pleased with their new phones. Although my wife may need a new battery, as her talk-time never seems to be very good.

Exactly one month ago, I received a text message from Verizon telling me that, on September 25, my voice mail would change over from Alltel to Verizon and I’d need to activate my new voice mail at that time. I did not even realize my voice mail was still on Alltel, but I made a mental note of it.

A few weeks ago, I received an urgent letter from Verizon that read, “Please Read – Action Required – All Voice Mail Users On Your Account.” The letter explained, “Please set up your new voice mail boxes on September 25th. Until your voice mail boxes are set up, your callers will hear a standard greeting.” I sat the letter aside for future reference.

Today, the big voice mail change over day had finally arrived, so I got out my letter and carefully read the set up instructions. I believe it is always beneficial when a company communicates changes, so there are no surprises. Good communication helps manage customer expectations, and Verizon communicated these changes exceedingly well, so I should have known what to expect. Not.

When I called in, as I expected, I heard some automated set up prompts as described in all the mass communications I had received over the last month. What I did not expect, was to hear those set up prompts in Spanish. I had received a text message a month ago in English, then a letter a few weeks ago in English. Moreover, my old Alltel mailbox was in English, and I had read the new mailbox instructions online at Verizon Wireless, in English. So, the Spanish prompts did catch me a little off guard. After regaining my composure and repeating the only Spanish that I know, “no hablo español,” finally an English-speaking computer voice came on and said those four little words we all love to hear, “press 1 for English.”

¿Puedes oírme ahora?

I blog, therefore I am.


Surely, if René Descartes had been a blogger or even known about blogging way back in the 17th Century, he might have been known today for the Blogito instead of the Cogito, and his famous philosophical statement would have been blogito ergo sum instead of cogito ergo sum.

For those not fluent in Latin, cogito ergo sum translated into English is I think, therefore I am.

OK, let’s imagine for just a moment that when René was pondering the meaning of life and his own existence, he had decided to spend his existence blogging, instead of fathering modern philosophy. Well, modern philosophy we could probably live without, but what about 3D movies?

“What?” you exclaim, “No 3D movies? No Avatar? Did this guy invent 3D movies too?”

Not exactly, but he is the guy that came up with the link between algebra and geometry. It turns out he is considered the father of analytical geometry too, so this guy definitely got around and even had the Cartesian coordinate system named after him. Now I’m no expert on 3D movies, but I’m thinking that René’s handy-dandy little coordinate system formula could have something to do with how they program all this 3D movie stuff.

So just think about this, if René had been sitting around blogging all the time and did not do any pondering, he would not have been the father of anything, except maybe the father of blogging which would have been kind of cool too.

So why did I decide to start a blog? Dare I tempt fate and rob this world of some great philosophical or mathematical discovery because I’m blogging instead of pondering? No. It may be true that I’m a pretty smart guy, but seriously that is a highly unlikely scenario. It is, however, very likely that there will be no one else available to ponder cleaning my garage, mowing my lawn, or taking out my trash whilst I blog. I think, therefore, my chores will just have to wait.

Blogito ergo sum.