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Is It Just Me? or Is Everyone a Little Nuts!


Is It Just Me? or Is Everyone a Little Nuts!
Is It Just Me? or Is Everyone a Little Nuts! by Judi Coltman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I almost didn’t finish reading this book, but every few chapters I’d get a small morsel of entertainment and so I just kept on reading. I think the entire purpose of the book was simply that the author wanted to be able to say she “wrote” a book. That is one reason to read it too, so you can say you “read” a book. I couldn’t recommend it, but if you start reading this book, eventually you’ll be finished with it, or not.

It only took me 48 years to make the leap from the present tense of “writing a book” to the past tense of “wrote.” That could not have happened without every single person who told me to do it. And really, sometimes, you have to create your own reality because others can suggest it but they arenʼt going to do it for you.

Begin at your own risk.

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Trigger Point


Trigger Point
Trigger Point by Matthew Glass
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The year is 2018. The US government had never wanted to have foreign governments invested so heavily in private enterprise within the United States, but the last decade had seen profits from the world’s leading oil producers and manufacturer-exporters flow into US financial markets at an unprecedented rate. If the United States does not change its approach, it is doomed to conflict. Once the tensions and stresses build up, anything can act as a trigger. Anything can take you to the Trigger Point.

When a financial crisis escalates into an international incident, the author, Matthew Glass, will lead you on a high intensity plot with planning meetings on Wall Street to planning sessions at the White House: from the boardroom to the situation room. Will the US find a way out of this crisis? Will the US government, as we know it today, still exist in 2019?

At the risk of sounding cliché, I must say this book was easy to pick up and hard to put down. While reading, I often thought of this novel as a candidate for a great movie script. I found myself pulling for the good guys, occasionally rooting out loud, and hoping that rectitude would finally prevail.

The circumstances and events of this book are extremely plausible, true to life, and it seems as if something like this could actually play out someday. With the book being set in the future, its content was a bit unsettling for me at times, to the point of creating a genuine fear in me that the eventualities portrayed in this novel could one day become reality.

This story taught me that the US needs to learn cooperation. It is a valuable lesson. The problems we face in this world must be faced together, not alone.

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