I’m living the dream in Oklahoma with my wife, baby daughter, two cats, and a bird. Been married for 38 years, and have four children and four grand children to show for it. I’m the controller at a pork plant and a biodiesel plant. I’ve worked in the meat-packing business my whole career. I’m a Christian, and I’m politically conservative. I do not like cats but have two of them living in the house. A few years ago when my dog died, I wrote a song about him. He is survived by my twenty-some year old pet dove.

I sincerely hope that my blog is a little informative, a little inspiring, a little interesting, maybe even a little bit entertaining with a little of this, and a little of that. I do not guess I’ll save the world any time soon, and maybe I will not even help someone in this world be a better person, but I hope my blog will help someone to feel better about being the person they already are.

Let me just say in advance… I apologize for writing something that offended the reader, or embarrassed my wife or my children. Also, if I do not get my facts straight, cannot remember exactly, or I embellish the story, use improper grammar or punctuation, use a word wrong or fail to run the spell checker before posting, my bad.

Read my blog and get to know a little more about me and my wonderful life. Till then, that’s me in a nut shell.

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    • It is gratifying to know I am not just writing all this stuff for the therapeutic value, and that folks are actually reading it. I think I might know who your “grapevine” is too. I’ll have to thank them for letting you in on it!

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