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Time Out of Mind


Time Out of MindTime Out of Mind by John R. Maxim

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Manhattan executive Jonathan Corbin is haunted by memories of another time — memories that do not belong to him. Then, in the midst of a raging New York City snowstorm, the inexplicable images become more vivid and real. And before he knows it, Corbin has stepped into a bygone world of gas-lit streets and horse-drawn carriages — and into the center of a nineteenth-century maelstrom of love, revenge, obsession… and death. Through the swirling snow, he can make out the figure of a woman – someone he can’t possibly recognize, but does; someone he knows he is destined to kill.

A fanciful cross between time-travel, a ghost story, ancestral memory, and a murder mystery, I gave this suspenseful thriller 4 Star because – I Really Liked It!

Make no mistake. The genes we’re born with carry memory. They carry knowledge we’ve never learned, talents we’ve never studied, even fears of things that have never frightened us…. But someone, some time, in our blood lines, had these memories. Yes, you might say that all of us are haunted to some degree. You might very well say that.

Unfortunately, I read this novel on my Kindle, which was a big mistake. The Kindle version is full of punctuation and formatting errors, and there is rarely separation of text between scenes which made the reading confusing at times. I thought this might have been a 5 Star novel for me if I had read it from a physical book. But all things considered, this was still an enjoyable read for me. The plot captivated my imagination, and as the story unfolded it held my interest with both foreboding and hopefulness.

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